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London Busses
London busses covers almost all the routes in the central London and a convenient way to travel and for sight seeing. Different routes covered by different bus companies and regulated by Transport for London (TfL) body. Destinations of the buses are mention in the front and the bus numbers are mentioned in both front and back. Two types of bus stops available in London can be easily differentiated by white or red background in the bus stop sign. In white background signed places, busses stop to passengers to get down and get in. In red background places, you have to request by holding the hand to stop the bus and get in.

Bus timetables are available with bus stations and even you can get from the information centers. Charges may vary from the route and the destination. Tickets can be purchase from the ticketing machines available in most of the bus stops. Night busses are available after tube station shut down at night and starting from Trafalgar Square. One disadvantages of the bus travel is you can stuck or get slow in traffic jams. If you are not sure about the bus stop to get down, you can consult bus driver. Travel card is a way to save money in traveling and it costs around three sterling Pounds and you can purchase from rail and tube stations and some other venders.

London Bus Passes:
weekly or monthly passes are available and they allow for unlimited travel by London Busses. London Travel Card enables both unlimited travel in busses and underground. Those are available in 7 days period or more and need a photograph also. If you are visiting out side from UK, visitor card also a better option and no need to have a photograph. You will get discount vouchers for the attractions also.

London Buses Hotline: 0845 300 7000

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